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Leasure time and culture

The greatest treasure are the people and their hospitality, their love to nature and of the old traditions.

The young people in their typically traditional costume can be often seen on traditional celebrations in the Allgäu. The typical brass music forms also part of the live in the village.

One of the top sight seeing spots are doubtless the Castles Neuschwanstein, Hohen Schwangau and Linderhof from Ludwig II.

At the very south of our country lies Oberstof with its world famous ski flying ramp. An impressive building, always worth to visit it.

For fans of the baroque architecture the Allgäu offers a lot of buildings to visit. The Wieskirche in Steingaden, The Kloster Ettal or the Basilika in Ottobeuren, are one of the most beautiful baroque churches of German.

Roundabout half an hour from the hotel lies a smal river - the Breitach. Through the centuries the wild river made its way through the hard rocks and forms an unique landscape - the Breitachklamm.


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